Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh, to be young again

Noah got excited about a new lamp. Not just any lamp, mind you, a Lightening McQueen lamp. His daddy is awesome and loves him, so yesterday, after work, he went to Ross and found this really neat lamp. When Noah saw it, especially after he saw it lit up, he flipped his lid. How excited was he?
I wish I saw young and innocent enough to get that excited over something as simple as a lamp. The last time I got a-tad-bit-crazy excited was when my bestie surprised the snot out of me with a really cute shirt on her little girl that said "Big sister". Then I did indeed jump and squeal and laugh and yell for a while. God bless you, Aubrey, for giving me a reason to be two-year-old-with-a-lamp-in-the-shape-of-his-favorite-thing-ever excited.
   Be blessed, dear readers!

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