Monday, August 27, 2012

How'd you get to be so sweet?

Noah's copin' a 'tude with me. Within the past two weeks, he has shifted gears from whining when he wants something to demanding when he wants something. He will use a very mean voice and say something to the tune of, "Mommy, give me my cup right now!" Needless to say, I have been working very hard to correct this new, unpleasant behavior. Since this strange change in my son, I feel like I spend most of my time with him correcting or disciplining him. It drives me crazy! Not because his behavior is odious and makes me mad, though sometimes it does, it's because I love my child so much I hate being upset with him. I want him to be compliant and grateful and pleasant all the time and instead he's being such a two year old!
  I realize, friends, that good children are formed by patient, loving, yet consistent discipline from involved parents, so I will not lose sight of my goal for my son. Nor will I give up on what I have to do to help him become the man God and I want him to be.
   As for Witten, aside from the occasional bite, he's darn near perfect. Both of my sons are so adorable. Both of them are magnets for old folks and their kind compliments. Both of them are sneakily running away with my heart. Someday, they're going to team up with their Daddy and end me with an unbearably sweet display of love. I'm thinking next Mother's day or something. As for now, I will wallow in this massive blessing God has dumped on me and capture as much of it as I can on camera. Here's an example:

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