Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Lord. please hear my prayer

I have found myself praying a lot lately. Granted, I pray daily regardless of my or my friends' and relatives' circumstances, but this past week or two, I have been praying a lot. I'm not bragging, I promise.
As of lately, God has been bringing issue after concern after praise after heartache after joyful news after fearful scenario my way, and my first response is to send it right back His way in prayer. I act when I can to help meet physical needs or encourage emotional distress, but my attempts more often then not feel feeble, especially when I've been presented with a huge dilemma. That's why I thank God for the opportunity to approach Him, unafraid that He would reject me or my words, and present my requests and pour out my praises at his feet. Even as I lift up my worries, fears, pains or concerns, I praise Him, for I know he hears me.
  "How do you know He hears you?" you may ask. Dear readers, I know because I have seen my prayers answered. Sometimes it takes days/weeks/years of bombarding the throne of God with the same request, but sometimes it happens immediately. Sometimes, God answers my prayers as I was hoping he would, in a fashion that suits my plans and fits comfortably into my life. Often, God makes me all uncomfortable with a response that I was not anticipating or wanting at all. (I know why He does that though. How can there be growth of any kind if there is no change?)
  I type this to say that my God is so BIG, so strong, and so mighty, there is nothing my God cannot do, and that my hope for you, dear reader, is that you will not let a seemingly silent listener discourage your prayer life. Prayer is powerful, use it wisely.

  Noah making Witten laugh as Witten wishes he could climb on the table like big brother can:

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