Friday, June 11, 2010

mommy sleepy

and by "mommy sleepy", I mean me mommy, not my mother. 'cause I'm a mommy. :)

Noah's down and out, but his last feeding of the night is at 11, so I could either take a power nap until then or update my blog. I would say I can sleep when I'm dead, but I completely do NOT agree with that saying. I like to sleep. I wish I could sleep more often. I just happen to think that 30-minute or less power naps are ineffective. (for me, at least). Also, last time I took a power nap, I power-napped right through a feeding time. I feel so ashamed.

there are babies everywhere and still more to come! This makes me happy!

Noah has progressed from sleeping constantly to being more aware more often. It's adorable and yet another adjustment to get used to. Now there's less time for me to do things and get house work done. Or to sleep. But, as with all hardships, sacrifices, or uncomfortable scenarios, it's completely worth it to see me baby's blue eyes more often during the day.

So I still have two friends that are yet to deliver. I Am Excited!! Aubrey have your baby!!!!

My back hurts from sitting like this. later.

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