Wednesday, June 16, 2010

gettin my hair did

i thoroughly enjoy having my sister in town for the summer.

So, Noah has struck a growth spurt with great gusto. Yesterday he seemed to be constantly hungry. It was tough to stay on schedule as I was feeding him 15, 30, sometimes 45 minutes before he was supposed to eat. It's allowable, though, because he's a growin' boy and I want him to get plenty of fuel to grow on.

other than the growth spurt, Noah has been awake WAY more lately. He stares intently at lights and windows and blank walls, so he's pretty easy to keep entertained. (for now). Stephan will come home from work and somehow fit his head into the play gym or car seat or whatever an awake Noah might be placed in at the time and love on Noah. It is an extremely humerus sight to see. Almost liek when a cact gets it's head stuck inside a box or bag. Stephan loves his little boy and is so proud of him!

so, i'm going to get back to having my hari done. shout out to the skinners so that they'll comment on my post!!

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