Friday, January 22, 2010

Brad Pit needs to shave.

We (Stephan and I) are watching a program for raising help for Haiti. As heart touching as it is, we'd rather be watching something else. Good thing we only have one channel...
Noah is doing a manly dance in my tummy. I tell you what, as much as you hear about how exciting and different and new pregnancy is, I don't think anyone could ever be completely prepared for what it really is like. It's so cool and kind of scary. It's scary because how real it is. There's a small person inside of me!
Stephan is preparing the nursery for painting. WO HOO!! We picked out some sweet blues for our walls and ceiling. Our furniture and accents are going to be a clean white. I can see it all finished and put together and it makes me so excited! Wait a second, he's painting already! I'm going to go supervise. Pray for our churches. and for Haiti, I guess.

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  1. awesome and new macbook that is. It can do all sorts of amazing things I am still discovering. Oh and your blog is also intriguing :)