Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School!

No, readers, I do not have pictures of my sons on their (Witten's first) first day of school.
Because I'm a bad mom.
Other people be postin' four to sixteen pictures of their kids posing cutely with their coordinated outfits and combed hair and a hand-made sign and/or their new teacher, desk, and classroom. I'm all like, sweet, we made it to school on time and everyone is dressed and brushed their teeth! I think. (Bonus points to me for remembering their lunches as well as their backpacks).
  But seriously, though, today was a big day for several reasons, all of them revolving around school. For one, it's Noah's last day of pre-k before he starts actual elementary school next year. I actually might cry when that time comes. Secondly, it's Witten's first day of pre-school ever. He was so excited, with his new nap mat in one hand, his lunchbox in the other, and his hand-me-down backpack on his back. That is, until we got to his classroom. Then he seemed to catch on to what I meant by "go to school", and he put on the brakes. The teachers at Colonial hills are champs, though, and I was only a little upset to leave my very upset Squish with his teacher after giving him one last hug and kiss and a few words of encouragement. By the time I left, he was totally composed and checking out the sights, although they had yet to get him to relinquish his hold on his backpack, lunchbox, and nap mat.
  Noah, on the other hand, went to his new class with no fuss or fight. In fact, he had no reaction whatsoever. I was happy to see some of his friends from last year were in his new class, as well as one of his all-time besties, but Noah just looked around like he wasn't sure what to do with himself. No amount of "Oh, look, Noah! There's Madi!", or, "hey, cool, look a what Trace is playing with!", would snap him out of his word-less stare. But I was okay with that. At least he wasn't crying. And he still gave me a kiss and said "love you" before I left. I think he'll be okay.
   So now, I'm experiencing what it's like to once again have only one baby. It's pretty stinking nice! Especially since Belle's still so little. She sleeps or eats or stares at lights and fans while I do dishes, feed and love on her, or maybe even try to sneak in a nap. I love this one-on-one stuff! I love school!
  Check in later, dear readers, and I may upload a few pictures of the boys after their first day of school. If I remember to take pictures.
 Gosh, I'm so bad at that.

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