Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So Stinkin' Much

Dear readers, I warn you that this post, like pretty much all of my other posts, is rife with my high praises for motherhood and my precious family. If you are tired of reading such ramblings, than feel free to mosey on to the next blog on your reading list. If you don't mind my obvious affection for my husband, sons, and daughter, and like cute pictures, read on, readers!

I have a confession, friends: I am horrible at decorating. And arranging furniture. I just don't posses the capabilities. When He created me in my mother's womb, God, in His infinite wisdom, made a laid-back, low maintenance, singing, book-loving, cat person with a passion for being a wife and mother. He left out awesome culinary skills, self discipline in the areas of working out and resisting sweets, and the decorative ability that many of my friends have. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin' that, when it comes to beautifying our home, Stephan sadly has to do most of the work.
  Because of this, I often feel a twinge of jealousy when we visit a friend's house and see their beautifully arrayed walls and shelves and creatively arranged brick-a-brack. It really does baffle me how they can think that way. My brain does not work like that. I just don't have that skill. So when I set my shoes to creating the perfect nursery environment for my precious baby girl, I sought help. Lots of help. And, dear readers, my friends delivered. I had websites, blogs, pictures and uber-helpful advice sent my way from some of the best friends a gal could ask for. So much so that, with only two house visits, I have in mind a vision for exactly what I want for my baby's room. This is what I have completed so far:
The "accent wall"
  For the other walls, I know exactly what I want, I just need to make a run or two to WalMart or Hobby Lobby to get a few items to complete my desired look. I'll try to remember to post pictured of the completed room once it's just that; completed. 
  Now for another confession, dear readers: I have let my sons down. In all of my drive and determination to decorate the walls of my little girl's room, I have realized that, in the months that we have been fully and completely moved into our wonderful house, I have never put an iota of effort into decorating my little boys' room. Sure, it has its little attempts at decoration here and there: a brightly colored fish tank, two pictures of Noah on the top shelf of their book case, and some cutesy stuffed animals that are for looking, not playing, arranged on the shelves of their bunk bed, but their walls and one window are bare as a bathing baby.
     It's really not to surprising, considering the spiel I shared in the above paragraph about my complete inability to decorate. And before this week, I never felt bad about it because, save for our dining room (the "fanciest" room in out house) and the two random paintings hung up in our living room, no other room had really anything hung on the walls. (You should see how plain and ugly our bedroom is. Good thing visitors don't hang out in master bedrooms). But now that the newest addition to our family is being treated to a beautiful living space, I feel bad for my Boogie Boy and Little Bit.
  So, to mollify my feelings of guilt ('cause honestly, the boys have never complained about a naked or boring room, so there's no other pressure to get things fancied up), I did something about it. I hung a curtain up in their room.
   Please, no applause. I'm just like you, only I found an unused curtain rod in my mother's shop and used it to hang an unused shower curtain in my son's window. I would show you a picture, but Witten's currently napping. It's a red curtain, if that helps any.
    I will, eventually, hang a few more things up in the boys room, maybe. I can't promise too much because if I had soooooooo much trouble and needed that much help in decorating a little girl's room, how on earth can I begin to strategize for the decorating of two very different-minded boys' room? also, what would I decorate with? I hate obvious, store-bought room themes, like Superman bedsheets or Jake and the Neverland Pirate wall murals. I'd like to accumulate an eclectic array of rugged, boy-ish things to fill the walls and shelves of the boys' room, similar to how I gathered feminine, pretty things for Baby Belle's room. I think I know where I might like to start, but for now I'll have to be content with the shower curtain hanging in their window.
  Then, maybe someday, when my ship comes in, I can start on my own bedroom.
         Pictures of my boys!
Witten loves to give kisses lately. Even to baby sister

Somebody's getting way to big! Stop growing, you massive four-year-old!
 And here is the latest of my precious baby girl:
It's like someone put lipstick on Witten. 

   My heart is as full as my growing belly. I love these kids so stinking much! I thank God and Stephan for these little ones, for without either of them, they wouldn't have been created.

  Speaking of Stephan, he just bought us an RV. With a little TLC and a TON of elbow grease, our family will soon be off on fantastic adventures as we created treasured memories!

  Be blessed, readers!

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